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How Often Can I Use Dino-Mite, Dino-Green?

Anytime! Being an all-natural (organic) soil supplement, an occasional dusting to your existing soil once every few months if you feel that your soil is lacking in nutrients. Generally, in Spring and Fall, and maybe once in between depending on if your soil is very degraded. Your soil will then become optimized for next year, and so on, using less and saving you money, that's valuable knowledge right there!

By adding all of the proper Dino-Mite mineral ingredients to poor soil, you can increase the humus layer 1 to 3 inches per year. Bring out the life-force trapped within your soil, back to an optimum balance. Enjoy a chemical and pesticide free environment, pay for you and your family's efforts and awareness with a highly nutritious crop that will contribute to healthier people. Reduce C02 by increasing foliage, feed more people on less ground due to increased volume per acre and save valuable insects, i.e. bees, ladybugs, etc.

Keep our soils and people healthy by using all-natural Dino-Mite, Dino-Green!


Until the topsoil matrix has been established, you should proceed by using these guidelines below.

Haven't planted your garden yet?

Let's get started! Using a small shovel (trowel), scoop mineral out of the bag and dust it all over your garden's top soil until it is lightly covered with mineral. Then, simply till it in so that it is blended into the soil and plant as usual. About mid-growing season, you can apply a light dusting to your topsoil around your plants if you feel that your soil is more depleted and needs it. Also, this increases the humus layer 1 to 3 inches per year!

Already planted your garden?

No problem! Just simply dust on Dino-Mite to your topsoil and scratch it into the soil, for example, a claw trowel to get it closer to your plants root level. After that, it will naturally seep down into the soil and reach the plants roots just from your watering them and moisture from rain. About mid-growing season, you can apply a light dusting to your topsoil around your plants if you feel that your soil is lacking in nutrients. That's it! Also, this increases the humus layer 1 to 3 inches per year!

For Outdoor Potted Plants

Approximately 1 to 2 Tbsp. heals one cubic foot/ or gallon-sized plant container. We recommend that you scratch directly into the soil about 1 to 2 Tbsp. of Dino-Mite around the base of the plant. A little more if the container is quite large and plant is larger as well.

What is the approximate outdoor sq. foot coverage of Dino-Mite?

  • Coverage (1 lb. = approx. 16 sq. feet of coverage)...
  • 2-LB bag covers 32 sq. feet.
  • 8-LB bag covers up to 128 sq. feet.

See additional recommendations below.

Combining (the rule of 3rds):

  • 1/3 your soil...
  • Up to 1/3 Dino-Mite, Dino-Green Mineralizer
  • 1/3 topsoil or mulch and/or organic matter (compost, leaves, grass-clippings, etc).

Note: This is the ideal starter mix. Any amount you start with will most likely be better than what you have now. Another idea, you can leave lawn clippings and leaves (make sure to compost or mulch). This is how Mother Nature feeds her soils naturally and natural compost will save you money and time!

If you bring your microorganisms, enzymes, protoplasm, fungi, microbes, etc., back to life, you will have no thatch or hardpan soil to worry about. The natural bug life-force will devour it from the bottom up.

Does Mother Nature haul her organic matter away? No, how else has she been feeding herself for centuries before man decided to alter her natural chemistry by adding our waste chemicals which have shocked the soils bare and killed our "Life-Force". By hauling leaves and grass clippings away, we are removing the 'natural' way that Mother Nature has been (remineralizing) herself long before we were around. Let's help her get it back to "the way Mother Nature intended it to be"!


(For best results and largest crop)

1st time application: Till in all ingredients to root levels when planting garden, box-garden, etc. Just simply dust on Dino-Mite to your topsoil and scratch it into the the soil, for example, a claw, trowel or shovel. This can be Spring, Summer, or Fall to start! Thereafter, in the fall, so your soil is ready for the next season. Can actually be used anytime if needed.

If unable to till into your soils, apply to bottom of the hole when planting and around drip line (if applicable) of plant or tree.

Lawns: Simply apply 15 to 30 lbs. per 1000 square foot of lawn. Just simply dust on Dino-Mite to any bare patches or where they could use a little greening up! Depending on what kind of condition your lawn is in, you only need to apply in Spring and Fall. Can actually save you money and time, not to mention water!

Typically '3 types of soil'…Dino-Mite recommendations.

Until humus layer is established, usually 1 to 2 years to bring back the life-force to full effect. By applying Dino-Mite, Dino-Green after a harvest, you will eliminate the need to rotate crops, therefore giving you a bounty of growth year after year.

Soil Types: Other Recommended Additional mixes to start...

Topsoil - Just Dino-Mite alone will replace all life-force that was depleted from growing season. Brings your topsoil to peak performance!

Alkaline (clay soil) - Dino-Mite mixed with 2 to 5% natural (Gypsum/Sulfur) can help with hardpan clay soil also. Helps release natural nitrogen from within soils.

Acidic - Dino-Mite mixed with 2 to 5% natural (Limestone, Dolomite, or best available). Helps bring PH to normal levels.


Dino-Mite has everything naturally within itself to release the life-force from within your soils to reach and create an optimum growing environment.

In short: Dino-Mite, Dino-Green Mineralizer has and will improve any type of soil it is applied to and if there is a product you love and would still like to continue using, Dino-Mite, Dino-Green can be used with any other fertilizer or supplement and has improved every product it was used in conjunction with (actually does help other products work better!)

Dino-Mite pays for itself many times over with greater yields; it literally grows money trees!