What Makes Dino-Mite, Dino-Green One Of The Best
“ORGANIC” Soil Amendment's Of It's Kind?


All products work from the premise of weak soils and the 'Law of the Minimum' (only as strong as the weakest link). Dino-Green, Dino-Mite has all of the minimums and maximums in a perfect balance, therefore creating a very strong chain of growth. As we like to say..."The Way Mother Nature Intended It To Be!"

What Is Dino-Green, Dino-Mite Made From?

Dino-Green, Dino-Mite is made from 100% All-Natural Organic Ingredients! No Additives.

Pile of Dino-Green mined mineral.

The Geology of Dino-Mite: How Dino-Mite Was Created

Dino-Mite, Dino-Green Mineralizer comes from an Ancient Volcanized Seabed - mined from a very rare deposit of what is geologically classified as a colloidal silicate clay (easily assimilated by plants, animals, and humans) with a very high + and - ion exchange factor. This makes it very available for roots right-away without any extra processing by soils. This natural +/- electrical exchange creates a highly natural resistance to destructive insects.

This is an inorganic source of everything from A to Z in a perfect balance, combined with humates from an ancient naturally composted freshwater forest, thus, containing a full spectrum of organic minerals, micro-nutrients, and trace elements, but also containing, holmic, humic, and fulvic acids. Which, when properly combined in our Exclusive Life-Force Formula™ creates our most Harmonic Balance Blend™.

How Will Dino-Mite, Dino-Green Save me Money? BY GROWING A MONEY TREE!

How? Once you have a Dino-Green, Dino-Mite soil matrix established and continue to use our simple regenerating recommendations in 'How to Help Create the Perfect Soil?',
the life-force in your soil will be so strong, and the production will be so prolific that you will be blessed with a bounty galore! Use it, give it, share it, sell it - we guarantee you will be money and health ahead, a literal money tree!

Note: Dino-Green, Dino-Mite Plant Food is the least expensive way you can "Go Green" and remineralize. Due to the fact that it builds such a strong sustainable soil that by its original nature you need only a small amount of Dino-Green mineralizer each year to replace, regenerate, and maintain the perfect soil!"

Remember, what you give to your soil, it returns a hundred-fold to your body!"

Mission Statement

"To find and make poor soils healthy - and keep healthy soils strong!"