"Exclusive Life-Force Formula™"

This unique proprietary Exclusive Life-Force Formula...

...with over 80+ minerals, micronutrients, and trace elements, along with humic compounds combine to create hundreds of nano, mineral life-force compounds that stimulate micro-organisms, enzymes, protoplasm, fungi, and microbes to release and absorb the natural nitrogen , hydrogen, calcium, phosphates, magnesium, and so on, deep within the microscopic levels of your soil.

Scientists agree that this is where the true growth magic takes place. We have weakened and depleted many of these elements by the over-chemicalization of our soils. Dino-Green will replace all lost minerals and in most cases will provide the soil with trace elements it never had to begin with.

If you continue to use high NPK products in conjunction with Dino-Green you will continue to alter and stifle the ability for the natural organic balance to take place.
By simply applying Dino-Green you can revive and release those 100's of lost or depleted mineral, and micro-trace element compounds that "heals your soil and makes your plants thrive.