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• Do I need anything else with Dino-Green, Dino-Mite Mineralizer soil amendment?
If you feel you already have good soil quality, then you don't need anything else except Dino-Mite, Dino-Green mineralizer soil amendment. If starting with poor soils...see Application page for recommendations. Remember, Dino-Mite remineralizes poor soils as well as improve already healthy soils. [back to top]
• How quick can I expect an optimum soil matrix to develop?
In the first year if you have tilled it into your soil or at least applied at root level, you should have great results the first year. If applied ONLY to the surface, or around drip lines, you will still get better results than without! But until it can get the minerals to the roots it will take a little longer, usually in the second season when minerals have had a chance to reach deeper. Either way, you should still see great results! [back to top]
• Is Dino-Green non-toxic, non-burning, and non-swelling?
It is a well known fact that these minerals have been beneficial to humans and animals (livestock) for decades. [back to top]
• How much can I safely use on my plants, etc.?
About the only way you could use too much Dino-Mite is by burying the plant itself! Depending on the quality of your soil, use what is necessary according to our guidelines to maintain your soil at its optimum level. The plant will take what it needs and leave the rest for later! Use enough to keep the life-force strong. With Dino-Mite, it's simple! ...see Application page.[back to top]
• Are any of the ingredients in Dino-Green harmful?
No! Dino-Mite is generally recommended as safe by the F.D.A. It is in a natural form from Mother Nature that gives you what your plant and body needs and the rest is naturally eliminated with NO harmful buildup in the soil or body. The way Mother Nature intended it to be! [back to top]
• Will Dino-Green eliminate my need for pesticides?
Yes. Save the bees and valuable insects by using this non-chemical soil supplement that has proven to create such a healthy plant, that by its own natural and - electrical energy created and exuded, it helps defend itself. Insects are designed to attack and ravage the weak plants and leave the healthy plants alone. [back to top]
• Can I use Dino-Green with my favorite old standby fertilizer well?
Dino-Mite, Dino-Green mineralizer works on every living thing with roots - complimenting all fertilizer products. Dino-Mite will still remineralize as usual to replace the trace elements and minerals that chemical fertilizers are known to deplete. You'll still receive great results, only they won't be truly all-natural. You will notice the difference in the flavor.[back to top]
• “Ancient Volcanized Seabed”
The power and benefits of minerals from an ancient volcanized seabed (commonly termed “rock dust”) is mined from an area in which a volcano had erupted millions of years ago up through an ancient and composted seabed spewing microscopic “rock dust” that contained all of the minerals micro-nutrients and trace elements associated with seas and oceans - thus, containing all of the elements in a synergistic balance and bio availability. [back to top]
• “Naturally Composted Forest”
Contains organic matter and acids that help breakdown inorganic and organic matter so it is available to soils. [back to top]
• “Other Special Minerals”
These minerals are proprietary and add to Dino-Mite Dino-Green mineralizer for Dino-Mite results! These are what make our (Exclusive Life-Force Formula). [back to top]
• “Exclusive Life-Force Formula”
How often have you heard the term, "Secret Recipe"? Like the Colonel’s K.F.C. secret recipe or Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, or even Duncan Hines cake mixes, and how precisely they proportionately mix and blend is why Dino-Mite Dino-Green mineralizer is unique and special as well! This is why we are the best ‘rock dust’ choice for the most optimum mineral blend for energizing results. [back to top]
• “Harmonic Balance Blend”
By combining the ancient vulcanized seabed minerals, along with the naturally organic composted forest minerals and acids, combined with our other ‘Exclusive Life-Force Formula’ minerals properly blended so they synergistically harmonize (like a tuning fork) to complement each other. [back to top]
• How did you guys come up with that crazy slogan:“We Are Just A Sophisticated Piece Of Dirt, So How Important Is Good Soil To You? ™”
We are raised on 4 to 6 inches of soil. The better the soil, the better the plant, animal, and yes, us humans as well. So naturally, Dino-Green mineralizer helps create healthier soils with more mineral energy for plants, animals, and our own human bodies to absorb. Remember, it all starts with the soil! [back to top]
• Why aren’t you certified yet?
The individual ingredients that make up our soil supplement each meet and exceed all organic materials testing criteria as a wholeRest assured - we do plan on doing this at the appropriate time!
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