What is our Harmonic Balance Blend?

The roots are the brains of the plant, right? Of course!

When all of the nutrients are all there in perfect 'harmonic balance' the roots don't have to go looking for, or, waste valuable energy processing highly concentrated chemicals or depleted soils into a 'useable' non-toxic or mineral form. In other words, plants can get right to what they are supposed to do, GROW! Now they will start growing, flowering, and producing!

That's why our Harmonic Balance Blend has created flowers and produce where they have never been able to before. Increases in speed, size, and volume of yield have been observed from 30% the first year to over 100% the second year, generally after mineral gets to root level and can be available to the roots all through growing season. You will see a definite increase when roots have access to minerals throughout growing season. Now, you can receive optimum results as long as you replace the mineral's, micronutrients, and trace elements the roots and crop used up during previous growing season.

Note:The soil you start with is important. See also How To Help Create the Perfect Soil

How people have cared for their soil before using Dino-Mite is important. Because most soils micro-organisms have been killed off, Dino-Mite Plant Food might need a little time to reverse the damage and bring your soils true powerful natural life-force back. "This can be done in your first year if you don't use chemical fertilizers that keep robbing your soil of important life-force elements."

Ask Yourself?

Are all of the products you now use in a 'Harmonic Balance Blend'? Or does your soil have to strive to process those each year? This takes time and more energy for your roots to complete the process. You lose growth and produce due to the lack of 'balanced' ingredients.


Manufacturer's and chef's can attest to - of the most popular cake mixes and recipe's out there, it has been proven that if you do not have all the proper ingredients to start with, and mix them in a 'Harmonic Balance Blend', you will not have a desirable cake... much less, a great cake!

Dino-Mite, Dino-Green - after 27 years of research, has learned to mix all of the proper ingredients in its most optimum balance so that you will receive that much anticipated cake, so to speak...every time! Just like our Harmonic Balance Blend™. Dino-Mite is the truly all-natural organic and a smart way to get back your soils true ability to provide you with blue-ribbon results and really the only supplement you'll ever need! The best value-concentrated synergistic mineral plant food you can get.

We have conveniently blended several very pure and powerful all-natural organic minerals to create this simple-to-apply life-force formula so you don't have to!

Keep in mind, if you continue to use high NPK products, the natural organic life force will never have a chance to establish itself naturally. It's like our very own human body on steroids - vs. not being on them. It will usually take 1 to 2 years to reestablish an all natural organic matrix. If you keep adding chemicals, a plant just like your body, will stay addicted and never be able to go truly all-natural!